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I Refuse To Sink

привет. I'm Jannx.
-Natural & Clean living.- Optimist.- Yesteryear enthusiast.- Ready to free fall into the uknown. I'm a lot cooler than I can describe on here ;D Ask of me anything, WOOH! ~instagram: jannx ~

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What’s the difference between america and yogurt?

If u leave yogurt alone for 200 years it will develop a culture

this was like the sickest burn I’ve ever seen

Hay it me..yesterday. been a while since I’ve pincurled my hair #pincurls #forthewin #me #mrscool


The Earth’s Stomach.

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Anonymous Asked:
if you were a fruit you’d be a FINEapple

My answer:

Marry me


Armour Franks, 1956

ad detail